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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Reboot: Real Or Fake?


The 90s kid inside of me let out a HUGE scream when I saw this.  I recently came across the movie poster above for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie reboot.  Fortunately I spent a very large part of my childhood watching Power Rangers, but unfortunately this is not coming out until 2016.  When the first full length movie first came out, I had the VHS (young kids will not know what this is) and watched it almost everyday.  The movie is on Netflix so sporadically I feel nostalgic and turn the movie on.

Here is where the upsetting part comes in.  After an extensive google search, I can not find anymore legitimate information on the movie. Even with it’s distant release date there should still be some information on the movie, but there is nothing.

Tell us what you think.  Would you watch a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie reboot? Let us know below!